About TeTanTi

Dr. Young holds a PhD degree in agronomy and soil science awarded by University of Hawaii. He is the pioneer in the field of organic fertilizer and soil microorganisms in Taiwan and was awarded the Academician honor in 2016.

TTT®  technology is the world’s only destructive and innovative concept that revolutionizes the traditional microbial composting process with the  use of enzymes to stabilize and mature organic wastes. It raises the maturing efficiency more than 100-fold, and our zero pollution composting technology is able to avoid bad smell and waste water produced during the process.

Dr. Young has profound influence on the industry in Taiwan and will lead our business to expand internationally as well as establish our group at the top of circular economy.

  • Broad microorganism and enzyme database:We possess more than 7,000 bacterial isolates that can provide functional and optimized enzyme formulations for different composting materials.
  • Professional know-how service:The rapid composting technology is a combination of microbiology, biochemistry, soil science, physics, as well as long term practical experiences. It can provide all-around total solution services for any organic wastes.
  • No more NIMBY protests:Rapid composting technology is pollution-free and can resolve the protests from the neighborhood.